Vinacef 20%( W.S.P )











Composition :

Each 100 gm contains:
Cephradine monohydrate 26 gm.
( Equiv .to 20 gm Cephradine base)


 It's used in treatment of infections caused by Susceptible microorganisms in Gastrointestinal, Respiratory and Urogenital tracts in poultry such as 

Fowel Cholera, Typhoide and Paratyphoide (Salmonellosis), Colisepticaemia, Coryza and Penicillinase producing microorganisms


 Oral route in drinking water.


10 gm of the product /100 kg.b.wt.
( Eq. to 20 mg Cephradine base /kg.b.wt)( 1gm / liter of drinking water) once daily for 5 successive days .

Withdrawal time:

Poultry: 6 days prior to slaughter.


Not to be used in layers.


 •Contraindicated in small herbivorous and ruminants

•Not to be given with Tetracyclines,Chloramphenicol and Sulphonamides .

 Side effects:

 None in the recommended dose.

High doses with long period of treatment may cause allergy and/ or G.I.T disturbances.

Storage conditions:

store in cool, dry place at 25 ° C.

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