Terrexine (syringe)

This combination is active against Staphylococci, Streptococci, and sensitive E.coli organisms.
For use in the treatment of mastitis in lactating cows.

Composition Each 10 g injector tube contains:

Cephalexin B.P. 200 mg

Kanamycin Sulphate B.P. 100,000 I.U.

Dosage and Administration

- One tube per infected quarter after milking.
- Repeat at the next milking.
- Before infusion, the teat should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected and care should be taken to avoid contamination of the injector nozzle. Following infusion, it is advisable to use a teat dip or spray.

Contra-Indications and Warnings

- Only for use in the lactating cow.
- This product should not be used in cows with a known hypersensitivity to Kanamycin and/or Cephalexin.

Recommended Withholding Period

- Milk should not be used for human consumption during treatment or for 96 hours thereafter.
- Animals must not be slaughtered for human consumption during treatment or for 7 days thereafter.

Pharmaceutical Precautions

- Store in a cool place, below 25 ºC.
- Keep out of reach of children.
- For animal treatment only.


The product is in the mobilization of disposable syringes.
Each pack contains 24 syringes .
Each syringe containing 10 grams of the drug

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