Broad spectrum disinfectant for surface disinfection of livestock premises, protect your animals from infection.

Ingredients 1 liter contains :

Glutaraldehyde ........... 300 g
Cocobenzyldimethyl ammonium chloride ........ 200 g



Contains: proven synergistic active aldehyde and cationic surfactant.

 Dosage and Administration

 Common disinfection: floor, ceiling, walls of cages

Mix 1 liter in 150 liters of water (1: 150) and spray the diluted solution with a dose
o- 100ml / m 2 smooth surface
o- 300ml / m 2 rough surface
•For specific problem disinfection as Parvovirus dilute terminator at (1:50) and apply as above.
•For fogging over poultry dilute terminator at (1:50) and apply once or twice a week depending on degree of disease challenge. Use at the rate of 9 litres f diluted terminator per 920 sq metres (10.000 sq ft) of floor space.

         Water systems : drain and clean header tank. Refillwith water and add terminator diluted at 1:3000 (1 litre terminator to 3000 litres of water). Stop drinker and fogger applications 72 hours prior to vaccination and do not resume until the day after vaccination is completed.

 Note for best results thoroughly clean all surfaces before disinfection takes place.



Dilution rate

Amount of Terminator in 1 liter of water

Routine disinfection

1: 150


                 Specific disinfection eg Parvovirus




1: 150


Water systems

1: 3000


       Lasting effect: Terminator effect will last up to 7 days at 1: 150 phase ratio or more concentrated, if the surface is sprayed without contamination of organic impurities


•Use as directed
•Wear protective clothing, gloves, glasses, masks when handling
•Do not breathe, smell or eat, take medicine
•Keep out of reach of children


Store below 25°C.


1 liter bottle




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