Metamizol sodium 500 mg / ml solution.

Novasul is NSAD that inhibits prostaglandin synthesis.
Novasul has significant analgesic, antipyretic and antispasmodic properties.


Novasul is used for:
- Treatment of pain, fever and spasm in case of :
- Colic, spasm like states as well as esophageal obstruction.
- Rheumatic disease like acute and chronic arthritis, tendovaginitis, neuritis and neuralgia.
- Spasmodic conditions of the abdominal organs as well as paresis.
Novasul is also used for:
- Postpartum and milk fever.
- All mastitis types treatment programs.
- Pneumonia treatment.
- Newly born animalś diarrhea "tenesmus".
Novasul leads to fast improvement of all fever and pain associated conditions by decreasing body temperature and pain via its strong antipyretic and analgesic properties.

Target Species and Dosage

Horses: 20 – 50 ml (intravenous only).
Foals: 5-15 ml (IV only).
Bovine: 20-40 ml (IV or IM).
Calves: 5 – 10 ml (IV or IM).
Dogs: 1-3 ml (IV only)
If necessary and recommended by the veterinarian, injections may be repeated on the same days at intervals of at least eight hours.

Withdrawal Period

Meat: 13 days.
Milk (cow): 2 days (5 milkings).


100 ml.

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