Minazine plus Injections

Composition Each vial (capacity of 25 ml) contains:

Diminazineaceturat 1.05 gm.
(eq. to 1 gm diminazine base)
Phenazone 1.31 gm.


Treatment of Trypanosomiasis and Piroplasmosis affecting different animal species.
It's recommended for treatment of mixed infections ofTtrypanosome and Babesia especially those resist other drugs.


Deep I / M injection.

Cattle, Horse, Calves, Foals:
General dose: 3.5 mg of diminazine base /kg b.wt. for treatment of Trypanosomiasis & Piroplasmosis.
Double dose: 7 mg of diminazine base /kg b.wt in case of Trypanosome brucei& resistant cases.
The contents of vial are dissolved by adding sterile water for injection upb to 14 ml to give a final solution of (7%)diminazine base.Withdrawal Time

28 days for meat.


Prepared solution should be used within 5 days if stored at room temperature or 14 days if stored in refrigerator, the solution should be protected from light.


Not for Pregnant animals.
Not for Lactating animals .
Not forCamels

Side effects

High dose may resulting in ataxia.

Storage conditions

Store in cool, dry and dark place

at temperature less than 25o c


Glass vial contains 5 gm powder (of 25 ml capacity) with label. Each carton box contains 12 vials with 1 pamphlet.

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