Colmequine Liquid

Composition Each 1 ml Contains:

Flumequine 120 mg .
Colistin sulphate 57.5 mg.
(eq. to 50 mg colistin base(1.000.000 IU)
since each 1mg colistin base= 20.000 IU


Dosage and administration

orally Via drinking water.
Chickens, turkeys:
10 ml from the product / 100 Kg. b.wt in drinking water(1 ml / 1 liter) daily for 3-5 days ( 5 days in salmonella infection).
( 12 mg flumequine + 100.000 IU colistin / kg b.wt) 


Colmiquine is recommended for the treatment of gastrointestinal, respiratory & urinary tract infections caused by flumequine & colistin sensitive gram –ve microorganisms like  (Campylobacter, E. Coli, Haemophilus, Pasterulla and Salmonella spp.) in chicken and turkeys. Chickens & turkeys:
Uses: Enteritis due to Salmonella & E.Coli
Fowel Cholera due to Pasteurella multocida.
Infectious coryza due to Haemophilus Gallinarum.
Salmonellosis due to Salmonella species.
Collibacillosis due to E.Coli . 


Don't mix with other medication.
Not used for layers.
Keep away from children.

Withdrawal time

For Chickens and Turkeys: 5 days before slaughter.


Sensitivity to Colistin or Flumequine .
Administration to birds with serious impaired renal or liver function.
Concurrent administration with Tetracycline, Macrolide, Chloramphenicol, Lincosamide.  

Side effects

Non in the recommended dose but large dose for prolonged time may produce GIT disturbance, rash and diarrhea.

Storage conditions

store in cool, dry and dark place and at temperature less than 25o c


plastic bottles of 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml and 1 liter.

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