Aquaprim (injection) 250 ml

Aquaprim Injection is a pale yellow coloured sterile injectable solution

Each ml contains:

Sulphadiazine 200 mg B.P.

Trimethoprim 40 mg B.P.
The product does not contain any preservative.

Recommended Use

Indications for Use: Aquaprim Injection is indicated for the treatment of diseases caused by sensitive gram positive and gram negative organisms.
Species: Cattle

Dosage and Administration

For intramuscular use only.
The recommended dose is 12 ml per 100 kg bodyweight, daily for 3 consecutive days i.e. 24 mg SDZ / kg and 4.8 TMP / kg.
The maximum dose volume recommended at any one site is:
Cattle: 20 ml.

Contra-Indications and Warnings

-This product should not be given by the intravenous route.
-Aquaprim Injection is contraindicated in animals with severe liver parenchymal damage or known sulphonamide sensitivity.
-Fresh, adequate drinking water should be provided during therapy.
-Not for use in horses and sheep.
-Not for use in animals with severe kidney disease or blood dyscriasis.
-Transient local pain and erythema may be observed at the injection site.

Recommended Withholding Period

Milk should not be used for human consumption during treatment or for 72 hours thereafter.
Animals should not be slaughtered for human consumption during treatment or for 25 days thereafter.

Pharmaceutical Precautions

-Avoid introduction of contamination during use.
-Store below 25 ºC.
-Do not freeze.
-Protect from light.
-Discard the product if discolouration or a precipitate occurs.
-Wash hands after use.
-Keep out of reach of children.
-For animal treatment only.
-This product contains glycerol formal and N-Methylpyrrolidone.
-Once a vial is broached, use the contents within 4 weeks.


250 ml vials.

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